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漸漸的,我在繪製這些塔羅牌,走向不同的行徑與旅途。 「將偉特以另外一種面貌呈現,觸動深處的某種恐懼與不安,78張牌不只是色彩與線條,還有更多......關於人生與旅程的課題」 Rope Doll Tarot 以殘酷可愛的巫毒娃娃作為主角,用不同的令人驚愕的方式來呈現塔羅牌的牌面。
作者:BearuBox*熊熊子(Anna Soung) 連絡洽談
At first I just wanna trick someone and made they say "these doll made me feel little creepy."
Rope Doll Tarot uses both cruel and lovely voodoo doll as leading role to pretend the picture of tarot.
"Present Rider-Waite in another feature to touch the fear and agitation in the deeply.
78 tarot cards are not only stand for colors and lines but also involve more about the lessons of life and journey."
Author : BearuBox (Anna Soung) E-Mail :
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Translator: DDT, Yao.
大小:6.3 x 8.8公分,適合一般手可以Hold住的尺寸。
Price:600 TWD /pack, the freight is not included.
Specification: Rider-Waite , 78/pack
Card Size: 6.3cm x 8.8cm.
Booklet: A6 size Chinese booklet, and English note paper (not prepare yet).
P.S: You can also buy the sleeve to make a collection on the market.




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